Headshot Tips


Makeup Style / Look

When doing your own make up think natural and light. Nothing too dramatic. Think timeless and classic. We call it the J.Lo style. 



Colorful nails with designs are fun but not for your professional headshots. Think clear or neutral colors that will not clash with your skin tones.


Make Up

Makeup can be tricky, so we can provide a makeup artist for an additional cost. Please let us know ahead of time so we can schedule them.


Restaurants Near By

We are a few steps from many restaurants or coffee shops. So before or after your session you can grab a bite to eat.


Coffee / Beverages

We always have fresh espresso, bottled water, and assorted sodas.


Women’s Shoes

Even though we may not need to photograph your feet, there is something about feeling complete with your heels or shoes to go along with your outfit.



Watches are optional. Pick the one that does not take away from your primary focus. Pick one that can be timeless and suitable for most occasions.


Patterns / Strips

Solid, vibrant, and middle tone colors work best. The clothing should be simple; no stripes or patterns. Dark long sleeves produce the best dramatic headshot. Textures from the fabric is fine.



The balance is to be paid in full by the end of your session. Check or cash is preferred, credit cards are accepted. 


Hair / Roots

If you color your hair, make sure roots are not visible. It is extremely difficult and cost-prohibitive to correct later.



Glasses are fine for your headshots; just no sun glasses.  We have tips and tricks so they look good in photographs.  Don’t worry about your stylish eyeglasses.



We can remove any unwanted marks such as blemishes, scars, pimples and redness.  We can even remove baby scratches from your newborn or a playful kitten. Just let us know what you don’t like and we can fix it.


Providing Outfits

We do not provide any clothing for your shoot. Everyone has their own style so we want people to feel comfortable in their own clothes. Check out the internet for the latest styles or trends.


Smoke-free Zone

We are a smoke free studio and do not permit any smoking on the premises.  This includes cigars, cigarettes, e-cigarettes or vape pens.  If smoking is desired you must do so outside of the studio. 


Men Shoes

Men feel more confident when they have their stylish shoes to complete their suits or casual look. We may not photograph them, but it’s a confidence thing.



Styles come and go. Think about styling your hair in a way people are accustomed to seeing you everyday. Usually straight hair or minimal curls work best.

alarm_turnaround_time_clock_Photo by rawpixel.com from Pexels_inlinephotography.jpg

Turn Around Time

Images are sent to a password protected online gallery within 48 hours. Once you’ve made your photo selection you should expect your retouched images within 3 weeks or less. Images are e-mailed or delivered via digital download from the Dropbox website.


Studio Setup

No set up fee for in-studio sessions. Location shoots for local (SoFL) shoots have a travel expense of $200. Group headshot sessions on location have the travel waived when working with 10 or more clients. Prices and packages may be subject to change at any time.


Copyrights / Image Rights

Your retouched images are completely free of copyright; this means you have complete usage rights to your retouched images forever. You can email them to friends and family, use it on your website or even on billboards. You can also use them in any and all sources of media marketing. We only ask to credit us when used or published.



If you wear earrings, simple studs are recommended. We want the attention on your face and not your jewelry.



Inline Photography is located one block off of Young Circle. There are plenty of parking meters around the area.



Although purses can be stylish during a fashion shoot in Beverly Hills, they are not during a headshot. We recommend saving them for a special night out.


Men Suits

We suggest men bring a suit coat to their headshots unless they are an actor or comedian and prefer a more casual look for their images. For corporate/professional shots, bring a few dress shirts (white, light blue, yellow etc.) as well as a few ties. Make sure to have them dry cleaned and/or ironed prior to the shoot.


Facial Hair

Remove any unwanted facial hair prior to your shoot. Men should shave the morning of their headshot; trim any mustache or beard before coming in. Women should double check their eyebrows as well as any areas they may need to remove unwanted facial hair.



We prefer no jewelry. Remember we want people to focus on your face and not you beautiful necklace. We recommend something small and thin when wearing one; less is more.


Tattoos & Piercings

Think of the roll or career you are aiming for. If having piercings and tattoos visible plays a roll in the image you want to portray, then use it. If not, then remove what is possible and/or cover up what isn’t .