Javier Hernandez is the face behind Inline Photography. Javier is a Miami, Florida native who has had the opportunity to shoot amazing models in Miami as well as other exotic locations around the world. Photography has allowed him to tap into a world of limitless possibilities. From the first time he picked up his camera, he hasn’t been able to put it down. Javier started out with landscape photography as a hobby which has since progressed into shooting models for glamour/bikini magazines. Javier is truly grateful to have turned his passion into his business.

Working with like-minded individual breeds success in anything you do. Javier loves meeting new people and loves surprising clients by capturing amazing images that they would never expect. Recently his work as a Miami fitness photographer has developed a new vision using the human body. His work can be seen throughout various social media platforms as well as many publications, advertisements, supplement companies and websites.

Javier’s work has earned multiple magazine covers. He is also well-known for being Shaun T's personal photographer (creator of INSANITY & Transform 20). Some of the models Javier has had the opportunity to work with include athletes like Michelle Lewin, David Morin, Roelly Winklaar, Oksana Grishina, Jay Cutler, Shawn Rhoden, Kerri Keller, Barbie Blank & Carmella from (WWE), and Anita Herbert.  In addition to working with top models, Javier has also worked with many of the world’s best known supplement companies including Dymatize, Nutrex, HiTech Pharmaceuticals, and Yamamoto just to name a few. Furthermore, he has been commissioned to assist with the development and marketing campaigns for several apparel companies. Most recently, his work for Nebbia Fitness clothing (Hard Core apparel collection brand for 2018-2019) can be seen in malls across Europe. Brands trust Javier because they know how dedicated he is to supporting their vision and bringing out the best in his clients. 

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Inline Photography Nebbia Fitness Apparel
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